Friday, January 20, 2017

Welcome to Coaching with Carolee


Welcome to Coaching With Carolee. My mission is to help you reclaim your life. Maybe you are recently divorced, widowed, or an empty nester. Often we are so busy taking care of others that when they are gone, we are faced with a whole lot of empty time. We may even feel we've "lost ourselves."
Perhaps you're searching for a new job, a new love, or even a new lifestyle. Sometimes, we can have the best intentions, but we just feel stuck. I am here to help.
Although I don't claim to be a counselor or psychologist, I do have a lot to share. I've been divorced, widowed, been a single mother, had a wayward child, have a bi-polar stepson, Have a close family member who is a recovering heroin addict, been in abusive relationships (past-tense thank God!), been poor, been not so poor, have a genetic disease that runs through my family, had several different careers, and the list goes on. That is apart from my education!
I promise to be the friend that listens and helps you brainstorm solutions. I will encourage you, love you and cheer you on. I WILL NOT do the work for you. I will give some suggestions. It is up to you to want the change bad enough to do the work.
If you are ready to set your fears aside and institute change in your life, contact me for a free consultation.
Sessions can be held at a mutual location or over the telephone.
Click on the Let's Talk link for pricing and contact information.